How to choose good quality LED project-light lamp

by:Sehon     2020-11-05

how to choose good quality LED project-light lamp? Follow the development of the field of high power LED lamps and lanterns, the different prices different quality of LED light in is difficult to choose the right price to buy good quality LED project-light lamp. Let's look at the below, what kind of LED project-light lamp is quality is to ensure that the lamps and lanterns.

the first, we want to have a look at the LED project-light lamp lights, because the lamp bead is the first part of the LED project-light lamp, so the quality of the lamp bead is very crucial. Lamp bead quality good and bad, both at home and abroad, let's ask manufacturers, when buy lamp bead is what brand, what is the range of chip. Because light bead chip, the more the better quality, higher brightness.

followed by LED project-light lamp shell. Because of the high power LED project-light lamp will fever, in the process of using demand shell heat dissipation, so it's very important to good shell. Let's in choosing LED project-light lamp, want to choose IP level in more than 65, so will not be able to have for outdoor use.

is the drive power LED project-light lamp again, this is the center of the high power LED project-light lamp, if the drive power owe good, project-light lamp will appear many problems, so is very tall to the requirement of drive power supply, power supply is necessary according to the condition of normal planning power, if have the power by cutting corners, that this power supply is not reasonable, it's easy to bad, there are risks.

in the end is the appearance of the LED project-light lamp, if three conditions are passed before, the appearance is the ultimate level of quality inspection. Process a good appearance, there would be no scratches on the lamps and lanterns, waterproof glue residue and so on.

when the choose and buy high power LED project-light lamp, guide to ask clear, clarify their needs, don't think high prices will have a good quality, more do not think there will be a good quality at low price product.

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