How to choose high power LED wash wall lamp

by:Sehon     2020-11-09

high power LED wash wall lamp is widely used in each type of LED the building lighting project. And there are a lot of customers on the LED wash wall lamp still don't understand, don't know what to choose to specifications of the high power LED wash wall lamp, how do you do? Here we simply give you talk about how to choose.

LED wash wall lamp mainly has four parameters, color temperature, power, light Angle, working voltage.

color temperature is to wash the wall lamp LED luminous color, common in the majority with golden light, warm white, white light, as well as full color, the want to be decided according to the design;

while the power is a regular, 18 w and 24 w and 36 w, bigger is 72 w, this is to be decided according to the luminous height, average reflected 1-18 w Reflected 2-3 meters, 24 w Reflected 3 to 4 meters, 36 w Scope of 5 meters, this is better reflected, also, of course, far point again corner;

light Angle is 30 & deg; ,60度; 10 * 60度; These, as well as affect height and blinking range;

the working voltage of ordinary DC24V and AC220V, now the engineering request is DC24V safe voltage, wiring is difficult, but some installation position will also choose AC220V to wash the wall lamp.

a large lighting project, about the parameters, design of lamps and lanterns, wiring devices, has a professional engineering company providing a complete set of specifications for the request. And on a smaller project, a professional manufacturer of lamps and lanterns also can provide lighting plan based on rendering.

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