How to choose suitable LED lights for color

by:Sehon     2020-10-04

when you face so many choose to buy LED bulbs seems to be a daunting task. Do you need cold, warm or neutral temperature leds depends on you how and when to use your home, and your home interior style and material.

reply to the following five questions, allows you to select the next more simple LED filament bulb. But first, you have to know the answer to the question: what is the color temperature? We will explain.

what is the color temperature?

color temperature, and a description of light temperature ( Amber) Or cold ( Blue) Fancy terms, the most simple principle to explain with sunshine homework.

the sun in the course of a day will change color, with kelvin temperature measurement. Noon readings may be 6000 kilocalorie, or is very blue and white, the temperature will fall below 3000 at sunset, accompanied by very & other; Warm & throughout; The amber light.

in general, the warm light is 3000 k or less, and cold light is 4000 k or above. 3500 k is a middle ground, commonly known as & other; Neutral & throughout; , according to the furniture and other nearby lights, it looks cold and warm.

1。 What time do you most at home? If you are at home most of the time is night, so more warm color temperature, such as 2700 k warm white LED bulb, may be the best choose. They can let a person more relaxed, is unlikely to disrupt your sleep, and will be announced similar to the traditional 60 watt incandescent bulbs.

2。 When do you most often use in lighting? 5000 k LED light bulbs on your main office in use during the day it might be a good idea, but if you have enough light from your window, consider using higher bulb temperature, so at night it will be more comfortable.

3。 Your walls, floor, ceiling and furniture is what color? If your home is full of cool color, such as black, blue, green, or white, the cool color such as a temperature of 3000 k or even 3500 k LED filament bulb may be the best choose to supplement your decoration.

but if you have a lot of natural material, for example a hardwood floor or cupboard, weaving carpets and upholstery, color is brown, brown, red or orange, so warm white like 2700 k LED bulbs may make your home more comfortable.

4。 What is your home style? Houses during the transitional period from traditional and general look best under 2700 k LED warm white light, because they are in the light of the announced closer to the classic house of candle light, fire and gas.

some modern families, especially those loud white family decorate, may be because the light bulb is more close to the cooler side of the temperature scale and look better. But remember, even in the modern family, you also need the lights to help you relax in the evening, so the higher temperature of bulbs may still is the best choose of the bedroom.

5。 Are you in? Classic simple incandescent bulbs dim, when you do this, can produce a kind of warm amber. Listed on the first batch of leds is not dark, this is one reason why some people don't like them. Manufacturers now manufacturing & other; Warm dark & throughout; Led, when dimmed, the brightness of led can be as low as 1600 k, announced a more traditional incandescent light.

ideally, let's light changes in the course of a day, just like the sun. We can use some called & other; Adjustable white & throughout; A new type of LED lamps and lanterns to reinvent the form. “ These new products, let's have a match with natural light at noon the light white, when we need to we bring the most lively atmosphere. ” When the sun is setting, temperature adjustable incandescent bulbs will be raised to traditional incandescent bulbs, make us more easy to relax and sleep.

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