How to choose the LED ball steep light

by:Sehon     2020-11-04

how to choose LED ball steep light? Choose LED lights, we focus on the following details:

1. Wattage, if it is used for the main lighting, & ge; 5 watts effect will be better, the current technology, the following 5 w only as corridor, corridor ever-burning lamps at night, or non-primary lighting use, such as decorative lighting, and the lamp of the head of a bed lamp such as local lighting important place less than 5 w is not recommended!

2。 Lumen value ( lm) Probably said, divided by the lamp bead amount is only branch lamp bead lumen value, the higher the value, the more energy saving!

3。 Heat dissipation design! Led drive power supply will be fever, and directly affects the service life of lamps and lanterns, the generation of Led lights on car aluminum radiator design is widely accepted, the lamp body heavy, also a waste of resources! New LED filament bulb with stamping aluminum, more fashion, more light!

4。 Chip plasmid model for now, Europe and the United States, the mainstream brand is one of the best, most expensive, Korea were, China times again! Chip quality, price and quality has a direct effect of light!

5。 Visual manufacturing technology, the surface is smooth, edge without burrs, combined with joint compact!

6。 When buying LED lights, you must pay attention to combining the above several factors considered, at the same time to note that LED the life of the whole lamp is the overall design, heat dissipation, power of comprehensive factors such as quality!

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