How to choose the LED wash wall lamp factory

by:Sehon     2020-10-01

LED wash wall lamp is indispensable to a kind of lamps and lanterns, LED lighting engineering can use it every project. And for buyers, should buy what kind of LED wash wall lamp?

1, LED wash wall lamp select normal manufacturer

brand is the guarantee of confidence to the person, the formal manufacturers can give a person with quality products and after-sales service, guaranteed so when choosing LED wash wall lamp, want to choose normal manufacturer, this to himself more than a guarantee. Ten years accumulated surveying of land lighting, or a guarantee in this respect.

2, the relationship between price and quality

& other; A price points a points goods & throughout; This applies to all products. Wash the wall lamp price of the good quality would be high, the price cheap quality must be not so good, is almost with information. Surveying of land lighting LED wash wall lamp, with a thick shell, is quality goods chip lamp bead, makes the high quality product to the customer.

3, and choose appropriate design parameters by the effect of washing wall lamp

wash wall lamp specifications, design requirements in accordance with the request to choose suitable to wash the wall lamp.

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