How to heat dissipation LED thermal conductive plastic light cup

by:Sehon     2020-11-02

LED thermal conductive plastic light cup how self cooling effect: LED lighting lamps and lanterns handles thermal management planning, perhaps in an airtight or half close to death following the use of embedded lamp, wall lamp, dome light products, play a more demanding and lamps and lanterns of developers from the thermal conductive materials, product configuration, the passive cooling mechanism, the respect such as drive chip planning to invest more resources, in order to avoid problems with our products. Especially embedded LED lamps and lanterns is small in size, and used by many component integration, module of heat dissipation planning more difficult. Embedded type lamps and lanterns of the shell adopt aluminium extrusion or radiator thermal conductive silicone planning, can play a self cooling effect, but it is not enough.

product category and a lot of LED lamps and lanterns, LED lamp cup for thermal conducting plastics had LED to absorb dome light barb? Just now, it seems, LED to absorb dome light, popular for a reason, the reasons are as follows: a, retail merchants need LED to absorb dome light, LED to absorb dome light can quickly preempted brand stores display agents and attract customer cognition, therefore the manufacturer developing market entry point; Second, customer buying habits decide LED dome light to choose, as the sitting room advocate the lamp lights, LED to absorb dome light is usually a customer to buy the choice of lamps and lanterns, then form a complete set of LED ceiling lamp, LED tube light, LED hutch defends light etc. The demand of customers and merchants to absorb dome light is very large which LED to absorb dome light can replace the store capacity is also very big.

LED home lighting lighting channel is popular, especially LED to absorb dome light, its hot degree has already started to cause the attention of the industry. How fire but LED to absorb dome light, no one has been able to confirm, after experienced short-term hot, after the heat of the LED dome light suddenly cold, no hot state before. Therefore, LED to absorb dome light is very popular. But from the sales, the traditional light source dome light is the main stream, LED to absorb dome light is to catch up with and even beyond the traditional dome light and a few years to replace years.

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