How to identify the quality of the LED ball steep light

by:Sehon     2020-10-18

LED bulb light is now gradually replace general fluorescent lamp and incandescent lamp, follow the market demand is more and more big, and the threshold of the production of LED lamps and lanterns is very low, so many family small workshops are also beginning to assemble production LED lights, the technical content is low, not tested certified products, also beginning circulation in the market. The price of these lamps is extremely low, but not thoroughly to ensure quality. The intention of this article is to teach consumers to know the market the stand or fall of LED bulb light, avoid being deceived. So which brand LED ball steep light, to choose a good brand should first to understand how the quality of its products, what about how to identify its quality, consumers can from the following several aspects to consider:

the top, see the brightness. Incandescent lamp wattage and don't speak only commonly lumen of LED bulb wattage lamp although also can use to calculate, but as a result of the LED lights is constantly developed, and the wattage does not represent the number of lumens. Incandescent lamp I used wattage is generally divided into 15 w, 30 w and 45 w, 60 w, 75 w, 100 w, etc. If the incandescent lamp lumens count in do to business accounting, incandescent lamp luminous power in 7. 5 - 12lm/W。 The higher the wattage, the more power.

second, see appearance. Incandescent lamp is usually pear-shaped, so the ball bubble lights should also be pear-shaped. This is very simple, can do it. But incandescent lamp glass products for the whole, the LED heat dissipation due to demand, aluminum alloy is generally selected as a case, due to the low capital, simple processing, and good thermal conductivity. The size of the aluminum shell, resolution cooling, resolution and life together.

the third, the ball bubble lamp of blister. The so-called bright glass shell of blister is refers to the front. In the incandescent lamp, all of them are made of glass. But in LED bulb light, although also can do the blister with glass, but rarely do. 。 Due to the LED ball steep light than incandescent bulbs heft weighs more than five times the speed, if made from glass, fell to the ground, breaking the possibility is very big. So more LED ball steep light to choose plastic bubble shell, in case of broken. And LED bulb light due to the heat went out of the radiator, so through the bubble shell of everbright is visible light, there are few hot infrared, so choose plastic to make the blister will not damage due to can not heat dissipation.

4, see light bead, is now famous lamp bead brands are: wafer ( Taiwan) , samsung, South Korea) ,CREE( The United States) Osram ( Germany) Such as import lamp bead. We can see on the packaging of the product specifications, high quality LED bulb lights are commonly used to import lamp bead.

5: after-sales service.

stated above, we can identify a LED ball steep light quality, coupled with the price on the market for comparison, we can find a good LED bulb light.

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