How to implement the LED energy-saving subsidies to the terminal application products market

by:Sehon     2020-10-19

the development of Chinese LED industry, state and local governments at all levels to this sunrise industry support considerable published opinions 'semiconductor lighting energy conservation industry development; Launch & other; Ten city wan light & throughout; Semiconductor lighting application demonstration cities; In the land, tax, technological development, talent introduction, equipment purchase, and many other aspects of the LED industry slashed the preferential policy, for a moment, rushed to build around the LED industry base, LED enterprises blossom everywhere.

policy a series of policies to stimulate the enthusiasm of the LED industry, promoted the Chinese LED enterprises to the upstream industry chain extension, enterprises, large purchases of equipment capacity shop is very big, but as there were not enough technical support and the downstream industry market support, so the LED upstream industry soon appeared the phenomenon of serious overcapacity.

comprehensive the above phenomenon, the personage inside course of study that LED energy saving subsidy policy should be effectively promote the development of the industry from the bottom up, so should introduce terminal application production subsidies and incentives. LED industry with the characteristics of environmental protection and energy saving, wide market application prospect is very bright, but because of the existing technology is not yet mature, people are not low, the production cost higher adverse factors, government support and subsidies policy is a must.

now in urgent need to develop a terminal application products LED lighting industry market, but because of its price and the incandescent lamp and one-piece energy-saving lamps is far, if like appliances energy-saving subsidies subsidies in retail market directly to the end, the price cannot fall down, not big to the push of the market; On the other hand, if the subsidy is more, the amount of cost of giant will be beyond imagination.

if the LED energy-saving subsidies to affordable housing, will produce & other; Money all throughout its use &; The good effect. It is understood that in 2012 the country will build 7 million units of affordable housing, if all adopt the LED lighting, plus village landscape, street lamp lighting, etc. Also, there will be the size of more than 20. Such benefits have points:

a. Is not a huge subsidies amount, resulting in financial burden; Unapt too little, reduce the market confidence.

2. Is by improving the access standards, to promote the development of LED lighting industry, let a group of technology, the quality of the enterprise grow up, leading to further ease the shortage of funds of enterprises, inventory pressure.

3. Is to expand the LED products market popularity, which made us realize its good characteristics.

4. Is to guarantee the benign development of the existing market, to environmental protection and energy saving pursuit, economic strength continue to buy, keep waiting for the market to mature to see hope, let no economic power with no hope of basic can enjoy the light of LED technology.

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