How to implement the LED lighting project? Buy out OR power saving into

by:Sehon     2020-09-30

distance Edison invented the light bulb has a history of more than one hundred years, in this a long time, the light bulb for its low price advantage has been leading the lighting market. Until the emergence of fluorescent energy-saving lamps, it marks the dominance of the second generation of lighting products, is now 90% of the fluorescent bulbs should be used in lighting lamps and lanterns is good to illustrate this point. Fluorescent bulbs has been for decades, as the third generation of light source when coming? In fact he has quietly entered people's field of vision, it is the LED lamps and lanterns.

the world today are in da-hong tide of environmental protection and energy saving, LED lighting lamps and lanterns of be vividly portrayed, LED by no gong no pollution, energy conservation, environmental protection, and many other advantages to complete fluorescent lamps, then the LED lamps and lanterns of third generation (3 g) light source will is to be human? Surveying of land science and technology believe that price is an obstacle in the development of LED lighting, LED lighting when can replace the fluorescent energy-saving lamps on the LED when the price down, only the price down, stable product quality, to the present stage of fluorescent bulbs rule it market.

now the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Science and Technology, the Treasury push is more energy-efficient, longer service life of LED lights, let it replace the old road, square, stadium and other public venues lamps and lanterns, and then into the family. At that time, set made of LED lamps and lanterns of domestic enterprises, competing for business opportunities. But in addition to the government a project subject to tender, self-directed change LED lamps and lanterns is not much, the blame reason mainly is consumer mistrust of the LED lamps and lanterns, don't understand. This reason is mainly due to the LED lighting industry standard has not specified at this stage, lead to variable quality of LED lighting products on the market, consumers are difficult to buy the rest assured products. Especially some companies and shopping malls with lights, if the switch is thousands of less, many tens of thousands. It's designed to tens to hundreds of thousands of purchasing amount, so consumers will not trade rushed to try.

know consumer concerns, manufacturer mode - why should formulate a win-win cooperation Saving electricity. What is a power saving into, just as its name implies is the manufacturer is responsible for all or most of the lamps and lanterns of purchase, installation, and maintenance in the future, and during the period of cooperation enterprise save electricity factory assigned to the part of our fair share.

to calculate a bill, let us in a small supermarket, for example, the original use 40 w T8 fluorescent lamp, lighting time is 14 hours a day. The electric power consumption is 204400 degrees, a year in accordance with the one yuan/calculate electricity is 204400 yuan a year. If for the LED lamps and lanterns? According to the brightness of lamps and lanterns, we use the 18 w T8 LED filament bulb instead of 40 w fluorescent lamp, the electricity power consumption is 91980 KWH, electricity is 91980 yuan, save electricity as much as $112420 a year.

a buyout so the supermarket can take the method of lamps and lanterns. T8 120 cm 18 w LED fluorescent lamp of the company quality assurance for three years, the price is 105 yuan, the purchasing cost is 105000 yuan. A buyout word actually save electricity is higher than the cost of purchasing in one year, 3 years warranty for lamps and lanterns, coupled with the LED lamps and lanterns is relatively stable, very little damage, inside 3 years not only help to save electricity as much as 337260 yuan, and maintenance costs, change the lamps and lanterns, the cost of the ballast and so on. A conservative estimate three years down to the supermarket to save more than about 250000 yuan.

if worried about a supermarket invested too much, worry about product quality and credibility, so can take electricity saving into patterns. Initial purchase costs borne by the enterprises, 105000 yuan, after having a is limited to three years.

save electricity, 112420 yuan a year, manufacturers account for 80% of the first year, second year manufacturers account for 60%, the third year manufacturers account for 40%. So manufacturers can get 202356 yuan from where saving electricity. The enterprise can get 1349040 yuan from where saving electricity. Manufacturer to deduct the initial purchase price, installation cost, probably more than the original after a profit of 80000 yuan; And enterprise also save a sum of maintenance, the secondary act as purchasing agency fee, etc. , plus power saving benefits of about 150000 or so, there is no doubt that this is a win-win situation.

enterprise, market can according to their own situation to choose cooperation mode, but neither in what mode to cooperation, consumers are in LED lamps and lanterns is the replacement of the project ACTS as the role of a winner, in addition to the corresponding to the call of the national energy conservation and emissions reduction, also help enterprises save a big money. I believe that there won't be that enterprise of LED lighting to replace project between cardiac, echocardiography action, such as the need to please contact our surveying of land science and technology cooperation.

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