How to open the LED lighting (domestic road

by:Sehon     2020-10-17

according to the statistics, domestic 80% now 90% of LED most of the orders from export companies, while the domestic market has failed to open, including some of the industry leading enterprises. With the growing popularity of the domestic LED energy-saving lamps, the LED enterprises to focus gradually turned to domestic market, but in the face of the domestic lighting market, these enterprises are confused about, I don't know where to start. And after sales is not in a huge market space second-tier cities, but in the countryside, backward in remote areas, this is really a big problem.

at present, the domestic many rural families is the widespread use of incandescent lamp, although be in rural economy is relatively backward, but about 1 billion annual sales of incandescent bulbs, the market is huge. As the government promulgated after five years all sales route, plus the rural life requirements are constantly improve lighting quality, it has inspired the huge demand for energy-saving lamps in the countryside.

and, on the other hand, is the China is an agricultural country, with the maturity of LED technology, LED lighting applications in rural households and agricultural illumination is more and more widely. Lighting applications in agriculture, crop whitening treatment, is commonly used in the production of agricultural technical measures. Before using the traditional method is in front of the incandescent light bulb and a filter, this filter in no light at the same time, but will also lose energy. And LED lighting products can not only reduce energy consumption, more can greatly improve the use value of the light source, promote crop growth, increase crop yield.

can be seen from the above points, for lighting products, the rural market is a big good prospects, but in addition to the LED lighting, energy-saving lamp enterprises is a popular early in the morning, with a piece of energy-saving lamps, each LED lamps and lanterns is enterprises are thinking about.

this stage LED enterprises sale in domestic market is much more difficult than the export, the main reason is the following:

a: due to the ordinary energy-saving lamps LED prices more expensive, and in some backward rural or urban, or not to be widely accepted by people.

2: domestic people understanding of LED energy saving lamps and lanterns is not comprehensive enough, see LED lights only see power and price, also don't know the other important parameters, so strengthening the people is essential to the understanding of the LED lamps and lanterns is good, this needs the government make great efforts one time.

3: suppliers can also need not excessive price wars, can be more focus on providing high quality products to customers, increase the confidence to buy LED lighting products.

LED lighting in the domestic market prospects are bright, the road is rugged. There are vast rural market can develop in our country, and have the support of policy, believe LED enterprises export certificates of road is hard but the outlook is bright.

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