How to restore after surveying of land science and technology homepage is K

by:Sehon     2020-11-12

foshan surveying of land science and technology co. , LTD mainly produce LED indoor lighting lamps and lanterns, including LED lights, LED jewelry lamp, LED bulb lamp, LED lamp, LED ceiling lamp, LED candle light, LED fluorescent lamp, foshan is a very large scale LED production enterprise.

the company's new web site: WWW. fangtianled。 Com since launched in December, has been working for SEO optimization, etc, has been good.

but since February 14th by baidu K has been after the cover letter. Problems reflect is: the home page is K, repeatedly repeatedly, included; In two or three home page snapshot time; Included in the reduction and so on.

after analysis is due to the inside pages aim too much text quality home page, as a result, this is the usual optimization excessive we said.

to find the problem, then took all the inside pages of text aiming at the text, and then do a sitemap. After submit page baidu, a sitemap address do a spider articles. Probably a couple of days with targeted text inside pages snapshot disappeared, after back home.

I estimate the inside pages later will put out, now back to the home page, also normal. This is the surveying of land science and technology website by K after operation.

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