How to secure the performance of LED wash wall light

by:Sehon     2020-10-30

LED wash wall light to use in outdoor lighting project, how to do ability to continue to ensure and outstanding function, used in outdoor lighting engineering LED wash wall lamp is to choose resistance capacity step-down method of power supply, LED product life spans. Let's in to choose when using, had better choose a dedicated power supply switch power supply LED wash wall lamp, although the capital is higher, but also avoid often damage the formation of the trouble. With functions of high quality and long use life. Has a very widely used in many categories, and designs city-lighting project made a lot of dedication, play a great result.

note anti-static way: in the process of produce manufacturing LED wash wall lamp anti-static measures need to pay attention to and pay attention to, most manufacturer to specialized operation rules, for instance, workers have to wear uniform clothing, anti-static, anti-static gloves, etc. , to ensure that the working environment of wetting degree, can also be anti-static ion blower, talents useful to avoid damages caused by electrostatic in LED wash wall lamp, advances working efficiency. Higher other LED wash wall light than ordinary LED wash wall lamp, antistatic function is relatively high.

pay attention to the influence of the temperature: the rise of temperature will lead to smaller LED light source internal resistance, regulated power supply will increase the operational current, when beyond the rated current, will affect the quality of the LED's use, and even to the LED lamps and lanterns is burn out. Therefore in the process of using the best selection of constant current power supply operations, avoid the LED lamps and lanterns is not affected by temperature.

outdoor lighting engineering notice waterproof problem: whether the LED wash wall lamp, is still LED project-light lamp, as long as it is used in outdoor lighting lamps and lanterns, must pay attention to the problem of waterproof processing, to the processing of sealing, moisture-proof, if not to pay attention to problems of waterproof, will impact on the use of LED lamps and lanterns in serious.

the above several aspects problems are LED wash wall lights can be produced using must not ignore the problem, we focus on the problem above, must to be able to make the LED wash wall lamp to use better make sure.

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