How to select the led light bulb

by:Sehon     2020-10-02
1, luminous flux

the luminous flux led bulbs is different, the price is different also. General led bulbs Ⅰ class specification should comply with the laser level.

2, antistatic ability

to select antistatic ability good led bulbs, although the price is more expensive, but long service life, good quality.

3, wavelength

can choose wavelength good led bulbs, color should be consistent, but the price will be more expensive.

4, leakage current

when the choose and buy must pay attention to the leakage current, the leakage current big led bulbs, life is short, the price also is low.

5, luminous point

if you want to choose special luminous point of view, so the price will be higher, such as whole diffuse Angle, the price is higher.

6, wafer

for different chips, the price will be different. Japan, the United States generally chips more expensive, Taiwan and domestic chip price will be lower.

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