How to solve the defects in the present stage of the LED industry and hidden trouble

by:Sehon     2020-11-06

in 2012 is a year of the LED industry to take off, a leap year, but we only see the LED industry rapid development prospects, but behind the rapid development, has emerged many defects and hidden dangers. Industry, for example, exposed the lack of core technology, lack of innovation, market competition, and other issues.

in the face of so many defects and hidden trouble, how should we set out to solve? Don't solve these problems, the LED industry will be slow and difficult. So let's analyze the solution:

a: strengthen national guidance for local LED industry planning as a whole, produce an executable national industry standards, especially in the demonstration project of related products industry standards, such as street light, tunnel light, screen, landscape lamp, etc. , let the government procurement and enterprise provide products have standard can depend on.

2: the increasingly fierce market competition, it is very urgent to strengthen the next generation of semiconductor lighting technology research and development work. At the same time, as soon as possible to realize the core equipment of semiconductor lighting MOCVD localization, fundamentally change the high-end equipment is to the situation, to promote China's semiconductor lighting healthy sustainable and rapid development of strategic emerging industries. Publish relevant supporting policies as soon as possible, strengthen the establish and standardize the examination organization, avoid some does not conform to the actual test results, improve the level of overall detection and credibility.

so you can see, the solution of the problem is not a manufacturer itself or consumer oneself alone can do, and the government must step in to the relevant departments, ACTS as the leading role, make plan and standard, so as to make the present stage of the LED industry woes to spend, so as to make the LED industry into the fast fast road station.

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