How to solve the LED bulb light up the spray

by:Sehon     2020-10-20

in terms of domestic market now, 70% of the LED enterprise will produce the ball bubble lights, but a good ball steep light demand has the fundamental performance parameter?

the first ball steep light appearance design, there are many differences because of the appearance structure and art seem to some, coarse, as an art. I won't take more cumbersome. Always a good ball steep light it is necessary to consider several aspects: structure, photosynthetic efficiency, heat dissipation. 。 。 。 。 。 And so on.

in the near future to do some LED ball lamp friend feedback, in the aspect of LED ball steep light there is a problem often met & ndash; — Ball steep light fog. To this, I specifically asked for some ball cannon of fog lamp back analysis. Specifically for this product under the microscope analysis. Found that the water mist first attached on the inner wall of the cannon ball lamp. Open it again after a pH test, found that the pH value of weak acid. Let friends put components baking at high temperature. But still present water mist.

it is able to remove the parts before assembling problems of water absorption. That is to say, can sure problem points on cooling paste and adhesive glue. To this, I have consulted my mentor. And asked him to use their equipment for thermal paste and adhesive glue made a infrared analysis.

the anatomy, the primary ingredients inside the water mist, water accounted for more than half, there are some amino, hydroxyl and other functional groups. Aiming at this phenomenon, mentor to take much money cooling paste and adhesive glue comparison analysis.

result shows that the reason has the following several aspects:

the cooling cream:

1. Cooling paste base oil viscosity is too low, lead to excessive content of small molecules.

2。 Thermal conductive powder quality difference, which contains some water spray and powder appearance after processing the remaining part of low molecular compounds.

viscose glue:

1, base gum purity is not enough, the excessive content of small molecules.

2, the product contains some plasticizer ( Low viscosity silicone oil) 。

3, powder contains small molecule compounds.

4, glue curing process release small molecules.

in order to prevent the above several aspects, it is necessary to base gum, powder on the handle. First deal with the above several aspects, so there is no fog phenomenon. For curing the release of small molecules, of course, we are unable to prevent. But first in the raw material above the well off ( Chooses import base glue and processed powder) , then the problem is fundamentally improved 90%. Therefore, a word. A product a points goods. See the problem. Is not comfortable to handle.

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