How to solve the present difficulties facing domestic LED enterprises?

by:Sehon     2020-10-30

LED the industry is facing at present stage: enterprise transformation is difficult; Upstream of the lack of core technology; Downstream products research and development, the technical ability is weak; Laboratory construction is not perfect, etc, how to effectively deal with these difficulties?

a: improve the city's industrial development planning, form the development together.

the local government to support the upstream chip manufacturing industry and improve the mainly for supporting industries and develop industries that can carry out technology development rules, clear job responsibilities of all departments. At the same time, the implementation of demonstration projects of LED products, set up the LED industrial park, open LED international procurement trading center, promote the wide application of LED lighting products, strengthen the industry cluster effect, promote the competitiveness of the industry brand advantage and comprehensive.

2: accelerate LED the public service platform construction, power industry transformation and upgrading.

at present, the domestic LED related laboratory, inspection and quarantine laboratory has a relatively good foundation. Therefore, local governments and inspection and quarantine itself can reasonable use of the existing inspection and quarantine laboratory technical advantage, to enhance investment in equipment, sites and personnel, the development of LED products and research and development in the field of testing ability. At the same time, the inspection and quarantine technology department should carry out relevant standards and technical trade measure research abroad, using industry association organization function and the inspection and quarantine technology advantages to the enterprise to carry out the training.

3: improve the industry service system, to provide comprehensive protection measures.

the fiscal and taxation, financial department should actively implement the preferential tax measures, establish and improve the financing guarantee mechanism, to play the enthusiasm of the investment policy system. Can use a special fund to set up the LED industry personnel, education department, first introduced a number of technology leader, LED industry is high, refined, pointed in the field of research and development level. Department of science and technology can guide enterprises to long-term cooperation with universities, scientific research units, to speed up the pace of industrialization of scientific research, encourage enterprises to development and apply for patent. Around the key technology of LED lighting, promoting cross licensing patented technology in the enterprise.

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