How to solve the problems in the LED lighting should be in the supermarket

by:Sehon     2020-10-29

although LED lighting products in the domestic has been for several years, but is still slow progress in indoor lighting. And supermarket lighting as a huge market demand, the LED can use open supermarket lighting LED indoor lighting the road?

at present although has launched some malls supermarket lighting renovation project, but as a new light source, LED market users in the aspect of the application of the LED still have some questions and concerns, and summarizes some questions and concerns here, and provides the corresponding countermeasure:

1. Luminous flux, lighting and the problem of limited effect at present mostly adopt standard illuminant of type of alternative form, limited power total luminous flux is not enough.

countermeasures: integral and modular LED lamps and lanterns is a way out; Waiting for the LED lighting continues to rise.

2。 Bad color rendering, lighting quality does not guarantee problem due to the bad color LED lights, can't guarantee quality of lighting.

countermeasures: adopt high color phosphor encapsulation of LED light source; The blue mix encapsulated red or amber chips, with high color rendering light source.

3。 Reliability is not high, worry about after-sales service of LED products on the market at present are of variable quality, competition, the negative influence. Countermeasures:

production enterprise by selecting high quality raw materials, technology innovation and strengthening production control; The user should choose to have actual strength brand suppliers; Looking forward to countries promote the effective implementation of the standard of LED lighting at an early date.

4。 Price is too high, one-time investment problem of high price of the product is generally high, high cost of supermarket to invest

countermeasures: expands along with the market, the price of the LED down soon: LED comprehensive income is high, can consider to pay by installments, EMC ( Energy contract management) Such as business model; State subsidies for the price of the LED industry, will promote the application of the supermarket.

as long as you deal with some of the problems above, believe that LED lighting lamps and lanterns of large quantities of things in the supermarket just around the corner, so will LED lighting products with the help of the supermarket that the road to a threshold to open the domestic LED indoor lighting, then is the harvest season of the LED lighting manufacturer.

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