How to wash the wall lamp to waterproof and aging problem

by:Sehon     2020-10-14

do rope, rarely pay attention to these factors to the environmental protection, energy saving, low carbon, with the improvement of technical level, energy saving of high power gradually throughout in the rope, wash wall lamp, of course, the most important thing is to do waterproof. So, how to wash the wall lamp to waterproof?

1, the article will first LED lamp bead with soldering iron and tin welding on aluminium substrate. Set aside.

2, and then welded board to try, check for the status of the virtual welding may not be bright, so after the start of the aging, to ensure that power wash wall lamp driver and light bead is perfect.

3, try after the light, in the back of the aluminum plate heat dissipation on silica gel, the plate in the shell, the heat of the thermal conductive silicone is the lamp bead sends out to the lamp body, which can prevent the lamp bead light failure. For next operation.

4, preparation process are ready, the electricity supply welding on aluminium substrate of positive and negative poles, then glue tape tied down on both ends.

5, the above process is done, must carry on the aging test, to be packed.

wash wall lamp as long as do the waterproof, talents play its best efficacy and use life spans. As waterproof wash wall lamp in the rope in use, the LED lamps will be acted as more and more important in the rope, was accepted by more and more fields, the future, there will be more and more LED products.

on the market, high power wash wall lamp products are diverse, consumer often don't know how to start, this needs before buying has must know to wash the wall lamp, based on the criteria to select of things make us cheap, so, how to buy qualified wash wall lamp products?

1, wash wall lamp heat dissipation function

LED lamps and lanterns, heat dissipation is good or bad is the problem that we have to consider when buying it, because the lamps and lanterns of good heat dissipation can ensure high reliability and long life. Because of the power supply module inside the lamp in the closed in the narrow space, heat dissipation is restricted. Parts under the condition of high temperature for a long time operation, easy to damage, the risk of fire or shock hazard.

2, wash the wall lamp waterproof

wash wall lamp device outdoors, whether it can dust in the wind and rain insolation under bad environment, such as we should consider whether to buy this product is also a key factor.

3, wash wall lamp aging speed

a simple wash wall lamp aging is certainly a less cost-effective products. Want to choose the good quality of high power wash wall lamp is of vital importance. That we can from it's dustproof strength, such as rain strength for further consideration. As long as the quality is ensured, the ability to cut for problems caused by the repair and replacement, etc. When buying the best is to find some famous brand to buy, may find some good word of mouth, worthy of the trust brand to purchase. This is to ensure that the quality problem.

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