In 2012, is the best time of LED into the general lighting market

by:Sehon     2020-10-29

in LED lighting products for several years, in the past a few years time, the LED lighting industry through the highs and lows in the international market in the industry of cold wave after last year, this year the international market cold still continue, but compared to the international market, the domestic market this year is the optimal timing of the cut, the reasons are the following:

a: LED general lighting products in many technology already quite mature, even LED light source has a lot of factors unfavorable to the general lighting, but these through secondary optics can get very good treatment;

2: the Chinese government issued a series of macroeconomic measures, make the LED enterprises have enough good conditions to conquer general lighting market;

3: incandescent lamp from one by one, began to pull out of China in October this year, will make a certain market space;

4: LED lighting market awareness had the very big promotion, will spur the market further opening.

in the market, the market retail price of LED lighting products at a high level of the main reason is that the market did not open, cause the enterprise the cost of production, research and development costs, high cost of sales. And the price of high water level and prevent the expansion of the market, and circulation.

the latest in LED lighting industry internal fighting a price war, LED to the emergence of large amounts of base price LED lighting products, spread the lighting market, thus leading to consumer illusion, some brand, taking quality line the manufacturer of the product will be mistaken for high profits, cheat consumer. In fact, LED lighting products & other; A penny a points goods & throughout; Rules of the industry in particular, what kind of price would buy what the quality of the product, want to cheap and good quality is absolutely not possible. So consumers must be clear about their own real needs, don't be fooled some cheap products, some manufacturer with low price, but the warranty can do 3 years, 5 years, the situation is not possible. 2012 was LED into the best period of general lighting market, only the enterprise going the right way, to be in the same period, if only the price war, so inevitable failure in this period.

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