In 2012 LED enterprises how to survive?

by:Sehon     2020-10-25

due to the current domestic LED industry structural surplus let enterprise survival condition deteriorated rapidly, make some enterprises have closed. But as long as careful observation, the collapse of the enterprise, is its own enterprise, there are a lot of problem and well-run enterprises, can reverse the city growth in 2011.

as part of the overall project China's LED industry competitiveness, the government issued a wider range of more fully in time for the LED the subsidy policy of the industry, will help the LED industry is the key through the current dark age. But unless the government's help, the enterprise itself what method should be taken to pull through?

a: strengthen the research and development of new products.

trade surplus caused prices to fall, is bound to further enhance the permeability of the existing market, also will create new markets. Before some because the price of the LED market acceptance is not high, this is also likely to enter the LED application of the main lane, create new market opportunities.

2: more efforts to marketing.

local LED enterprise most heavy sales market, annual sales may have more than a few hundred million yuan, but also stop thinking on more and more business takes orders the direction. For market research, market planning, brand management, public relationship management, and other enterprises required course, is also outside audit, even save out specialized marketing team. But the modern market competition, the competition is a comprehensive range of stereo, both must have the sales department to promote, but also marketing plays a more important role.

3: develop new sales way and the pipeline.

the pipe direct sales and agent is the main sales of most enterprises, and each has its advantages to the very good representative. But the electronic commerce is still only a few enterprises with better. Electronic commerce transaction cost is low, high communication efficiency, under the support of the bank on the net and electronic payment system, security and convenience also get a lot of ascension. In the circumstance of economic recession, foreign customers and domestic buyers, also tend to have more advantages over the network to find more partners to reduce cost and enhance competitiveness. Using e-commerce sales avoid spending a lot of cases, a chance for the enterprise to develop new market and target customers.

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