In the field of LED ball steep light which can be applied to

by:Sehon     2020-11-12

over time, led bulb light price will decline gradually, it will become the CFL cleaner, safer alternatives to has a longer service life and can be expected. In addition, we also can expect a led ball steep light, all sorts of new functions; In terms of these, led ball steep light in indoor lighting potential still can continue to grow.

1, used for traffic lights. LED bulb light as a beacon light source has been for many years. And on the application of road traffic signal lamp, also has made great development over the past few years.

2, used in car lights. High power LED bulb light can make the car's brake lights, tail lights and car lights, LED bulb light can also be used for instrument lighting and car interior lighting, it is better than ordinary incandescent lamp has the advantages of shock resistance, low power consumption.

3, used for lighting. Because of the brightness of the LED bulb light and falling prices, and long service life, low power consumption, drive and control degrees compared to simpler than a neon lights, so use super LED ball steep light into a monochrome or polychromatic light source to decorate the Bridges, such as landscape engineering construction.

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