In the second half of 2012 LED, small and medium enterprises are still dependent on exports

by:Sehon     2020-11-11

at present, the business environment in Europe and the domestic market is likely to worsen the situation, the Middle East, South America, increasing demand for LED products in China may be the only bright spot LED domestic small and medium-sized enterprises.

the light show, a trade from the guangzhou panyu ms chow told reporters that at present her customers are concentrated in the Middle East, mainly to do animation city business. “ Since last year, trade order has been rising in the Middle East, where the customer special care about the price of the product & throughout; Weeks, says ms & other; Especially some kind lamp modelling, in great demand in the Middle East, followed by South America. ”

' This exhibition is mainly in wenzhou area of LED enterprises, wenzhou production of LED lights with cheaper price and stable quality. ” Ms zhou, according to the fierce competition in LED products in the Middle East, in the second half of the LED lamp with prices will fall, and if you can't find more price advantage of the products, will lose its competitive advantage.

foshan surveying of land science and technology co. , LTD. Manager Chen told reporters that the current mingguang main customers come from the Middle East and southeast Asia. “ Some small area, especially in yiwu, ningbo, a lot of customers from the Middle East, South America.

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