Induction LED ball steep light application in life

by:Sehon     2020-10-12

induction LED ball steep light application in life. Induction ball steep light switch access lines can be induced in the human manipulation of the lights or the lights went out, many people will feel very strange. Induction operation principle of the ball bubble lamp switch, induction how the ball bubble lamp switch wiring, small make up in this paper is detailed to introduce to you of these problems, to device induction ball bubble lamp switch of friends at home just as well to learn.

induction temperature ball steep light switch is on the cervix to induction. Ordinary people comprehend about 10 microns of a particular wavelength ir, with special sensor could detect the specific infrared exists. When the human body infrared irradiation on the sensor, because of the pyroelectric effect to release charge, subsequent circuit can take place after detection treatment control signal, and then make the lights on, after moment must leave light active calm. Actually sensing the ball bubble lamp switch and induction are similar in the ball bubble lamp, in such sensors. This is human body induction ball steep light, the operation principle of induction in really life the ball bubble lights and hand touch should the ball bubble lamp. When people meet, trace charging circuit to the human body, the electronic circuit to expand into a control signal, and then complete the control of light.

induction bulb lamp switch device note

connection process, should be strictly in accordance with the rules of the manual switch of choose and buy of connection, avoid short circuit or overload, cause damage; Remember device with induction bulb lamp switch power supply shall be cut off before, if he has no experience shall be conducted by professional electrician personnel device, to avoid electric shock; Induction height in 1 ball steep light switch device. 4米~ 1。 6m; Induction bulb light switch is not suitable for the device is in the manipulation of light, heat, cold and hot air import and export, vents and light point-blank local nearby.

induction LED ball steep light is with epoxy resin encapsulation, make the light components and the whole structure is perfect, is a kind of solid structure, all equipment inside without glass bulb, a filament and other fragile damageable parts. Thus, placed on the stage completely fearless occurs on the impact of a sensation. Same as completely solid state structure, environment or play in water, dust, etc will not affect the LED core thoroughly, to ensure that the homework. In addition, induction LED ball steep light chooses the low voltage dc power supply, even if the power of the direct contact to the LED will not have the feeling of discomfort, completely don't have to worry to get an electric shock. Induction LED ball bubble lights glowing and safe, long life characteristics, can make it a burden in the serious situation of high demand.

the LED sensor bulb lamp and fluorescent lamp is the same, is a cold light source. Unlike incandescent bulbs this heat source is don't need talent shine at high temperature, cold light source and LED power utilization is higher also, rejection of most of the electrical energy directly into light energy, therefore, the LED light at the heat would be much less. Now induction LED ball bubble lamp lighting lighting level have greater than incandescent bulbs. In the same conditions of photosynthetic efficiency, when you contact is shine of incandescent lamp, may be burnt, and touch is a light-emitting diode, will only feel the heat of rather tricky, so, the LED is not very hot. Other, induction LED ball bubble lamp light small, easy to hide, the use of flexible, simple programming into the lamps and lanterns of lightweight, especially in small local planning space, also can get abundant use of LED.

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