Industrial structure is unreasonable, restricting development of LED lighting

by:Sehon     2020-10-18

most of the companies in the downstream competition

the current of the LED industry industrial structure is unreasonable, domestic is mainly do LED processing, foundry, & other; Now the domestic LED industry and not on the middle and lower reaches of the whole industry chain development together, but in the downstream competition. Jiangmen currently has more than 1000 LED related enterprises, but most is in the middle and lower reaches of the competition. ”

in LED core technology level, such as chip research and development, domestic is still lacking, the core technology is still in the hands of foreign companies, as a result, the domestic LED enterprise core competitive ability is insufficient, & other; Although there are leading enterprises, but actually bibcock not dragon, just the size of the enterprise is larger, the core competitiveness, and other similar enterprises. ”

' Jiangmen government at present is mainly the investment promotion and capital introduction, on the policy support and subsidies to the enterprise, but it only provides environment, did not improve the LED the competitiveness of the enterprise itself. “ If there is no qualitative change, the enterprise is moved from one place to another place. ”

the civilian market development lag of excess capacity

Europe and the United States LED the market development, just do not have expected so fast pace, & other; We develop fast, the market development is not so fast, lead to overcapacity, fierce competition. ”

although LED products prices are falling, but in the aspect of application is more expensive, at present the primary USES of the LED or commercial. “ We had predicted the LED products will soon from commercial to civilian use, but influenced by the economic situation, and Europe and the United States government support for the LED industry is not as big as expected, so in terms of steering large civil, pace is slow. ” However, as the economy improved, the future of European and American markets LED industry also will be the main.

the lack of standardization of production quality varies

now another problem hindering the development of the LED, is the production haven't implement standardization and normalization. “ The current domestic production is concentrated in the applications, and applications of the product has not been standardized. ” For example, & other; As some manufacturers, said his own LED products can be used 50000 hours, 100000 hours, is just speculation, chaotic in standard. ”

in European and American markets, the first two years by the domestic exports of some LED products, problem now began to explode, & other; Some products commitment to 3 ~ 5 years, but in a year or two it broke, quality is bad, some customers have feedback on our products also have doubts. ”

if promise a lot of things, the last to cash, will affect the LED export markets, so, implement the standardization of production, is a development direction of the LED.

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