Introduce LED industrial lighting lamps and lanterns is suitable for the oil and gas industry, three major reasons

by:Sehon     2020-10-22

although the mass of oil and gas industry profitability have different opinions, but in fact, many companies in the industry's operating profit is very thin. Like other industries, oil and natural gas production company also need to control and reduce the cost to maintain cash flow and profit. As a result, more and more companies are adopting LED industrial lighting lamps and lanterns. So, is this why?

cost savings and for the sake of environment

in the busy industrial environment, lighting costs accounted for a large part of the operating budget. The transition from traditional lighting to LED industrial lighting, power consumption and utility cost can be reduced by 50% or more. In addition, the LED can provide high quality lighting levels, continuous run of 50000 hours. Moreover, LED industrial lighting design is more durable, resistant to oil and gas in the operation of common impact, and the durability can be directly to reduce maintenance costs.

lower energy consumption is directly related to the load of power facilities is reduced, thereby reducing overall carbon emissions. When the LED industrial lighting bulbs and lamps and lanterns at the end of the life, they usually can be recycled, no any hazardous waste.

to raise productivity

LED industrial lighting can produce high quality lighting, less shadow and black spots. Better visibility of the employee's work efficiency, reduce the poor lighting conditions under the condition of the possibility of mistakes and accidents. Can that move light LED industrial lighting, improve the staff's awareness and reduce fatigue. Employees can better distinguish between details and color contrast, further improve the productivity and the safety of staff. Safety

the LED lighting industry improve security by more ways, not just to create a better lighting environment. In accordance with the OSHA standard classification, oil and gas production environment usually belongs to the class I dangerous environment, which indicate the presence of a flammable vapors. Class I in the dangerous environment lighting must be designed with potential ignition source separated, such as edm and hot surface, and steam.

the LED lighting industry completely meet this requirement. Even if the lamps and lanterns of vibration or impact by other devices in the environment, can also be a source and steam. Unlike other explosion failure generating lamps and lanterns, the LED lighting industry is actually of the explosion-proof type. In addition, the LED lighting industry running physical temperature than a standard industrial metal halide lamp, or high pressure sodium lamps and lanterns is much lower, thus further reducing the fire risk.

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