Is decided by what LED project-light lamp real life

by:Sehon     2020-09-29

ordinary outdoor lighting LED project-light lamp using life is two years in theory, so a lot of people think that project-light lamp can only apply for two years, beyond time needs to change. But on many outdoor lighting equipment, often can use much longer. Want to make clear the problem, the first thing you should understand the practice of LED project-light lamp life usually by what resolution.

the life of the LED light source is controlled in 50000 hours, often can not meet the objective practice. Some users in order to save quantity, in the process of device more receive, less material conditions are presented, such as not in accordance with the manufacturer to guide device also can present output current is not stable, lamps and lanterns droop present situation, cause of lamps and lanterns use life is severely reduced.

the quality assurance agreement is LED project-light lamp manufacturer puts forward after-sale commitments to customers, we don't need worry about 2 years warranty, lamps and lanterns will damage in 2 years, if the present quality problem after the quality assurance, as any manufacturer will initiative user removed to return factory repair the damage products.

unlike electronics furniture furnishing articles, whatever is in the process of using electronic products there is always a problem of time. So do LED project-light lamp daily care is also very important.

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