Japan LED lighting consumption increased 200%

by:Sehon     2020-10-22

on June 9, 2012, held in guangzhou & other; Throughout Asia 2012 LED peak BBS &; Mud, Japan's lighting appliance industry will be down for director of Canon, said to alleviate the phenomenon of shortage of electric power after the quake in Japan, the Japanese government through the implementation of measures to promote LED lighting, LED lighting consumption is growing by more than 200% a year, in addition, he calls for developing international LED test standard, make the industry more effective judgment standard.

introducing Canon refers to, in March 2011, fukushima after the earthquake, the Japanese east many areas has not restored. On May 5, 2012, Japanese Hokkaido electric power company nuclear power plant shut down unit 3, Japan all the operation of nuclear power plant shut down. After 30% of Japan's electricity, relying on nuclear power, nuclear power unit shut down, more intensified Japan's electricity phenomenon. “ And Japan around the rotation of power system, once the electricity, even the road traffic lights will stop. ” Mud Canon said.

on this basis, the Japanese government began to introduce & other; Ecological points throughout the &; Plan, and set up and implement green procurement, electrical appliances safety, etc. Among these policies, including for lighting energy saving incentives, according to the use of LED lighting area, according to the difference in the level of energy saving, further reduce the price. The program is started before the earthquake in Japan, but its promotion is still in postwar Japan played an important role in energy saving. In 2011 Japan LED lighting lamps and lanterns sales grew by 268% from a year ago, while in 2012 is expected to again on this foundation an increase of 185%. Mud Canon refers to, in 2011, sales of LED lighting products account for about 20% of all lighting products sales, and the proportion is expected to reach 42% this year.

in order to further promote the use of LED lighting, mud Canon has set international standards of LED lighting industry. According to Japanese lighting appliance industry association of 12 kinds of LED lighting products on the market in Japan contrast test, the same product in the use of LED by the U. S. department of energy performance standards and use light industry institute of Japan LED to test the performance criteria, the largest gap can be close to 50%. “ So the international testing standards for traffic becomes very necessary. ” Mud Canon pointed out.

the mud Canon believes that a new international standard should be the parameters of clear LED lighting product performance standards, such as the flux, temperature, service life, etc. , at the same time provide consumers with clear and easy to understand instructions, to be used for the difference between different kinds of LED products.

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