Lack of standards, causing confusion in the state of the LED industry

by:Sehon     2020-11-03

although the country has issued some technical standard, but there is no standard system. With LED technology at the high speed development stage, the national standards, industry standards tend to lag behind the market development present situation, makes the standard lack of practicality. Because of lack of LED industry standard, make some inferior products of others in the market, stained with inferior LED products market reputation.

throughout the domestic market, domestic LED lighting field, now basically in a state of disorderly competition, and have intensified trend. This kind of state of disorderly competition, the most obvious performance, excess capacity is blind investment to expand. Funds poured into the field of LED lighting, big investment, large-scale expansion. And market application side did not burst, making a huge productivity can't find the exit.

LED lighting industry is technology and capital intensive industry, money alone is not enough. A few small companies, buy chips, lamps and lanterns, simple assembly, will think that LED products. Things like flooding the market, it is bound to let the market the sham as the genuine. Guangdong province pledges inspect bureau spot check report, in 2010, LED lighting products in guangdong province quality percent of pass is only 47%. Although the data of 2011 significantly increased by 26%, but only 73. 2%. “ 73. Still low qualification rate of 2%, compared with abroad.

in order to promote the construction of standard, this year in early January, the pledges inspect bureau of guangdong province, the department jointly issued the first Asia LED lighting industry standard system planning and road map, the map shows that in five years, guangdong will be completed more than 130 LED local standard, for more than 130 local standard positioning, guangdong province pledges inspect bureau proposed & other; Higher starting point & throughout; The principle of hope in a standard strategy to promote the development of LED industry in guangdong province.

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