Landscape lighting, what is the most popular LED bulbs

by:Sehon     2020-10-26

under the impetus of the strong market demand, a growing number of LED landscape light appear on the market. Them to its own unique advantages, has been widely used. Now, the practice of light is small shoot the light, build content generalization lights, buried lights, underwater lights, trails lamp, lawn lamp, wall lamp, road wend lamp, etc. , but the scene lights all can choose LED light source. Below take you to know now what is common scene lighting LED filament bulb in the lancang river.

1。 LED wash wall light

varieties: 8 w, 12 w and 24 w, 27 w and 36 w

applications: all kinds of building, former history building group of exterior wall, building light outside local lighting, green landscape lighting, indoor lighting, billboard lighting

result: draw the outline of a large building content summary

2. LED underwater light

varieties: buried, wall hung, vertical

applications: sculpture fountains, water features, waterfalls, swimming pool, river

result: foil atmosphere, decorate environment

3. LED project-light lamp

varieties: 1 w, 3 w, 8 w, 12 w, 18 w and 36 w

application fields: history of monomer, the former building group of exterior wall, outside the building light through lighting, indoor local lighting, greening landscape, billboards, bars, dance halls

result: indoor and outdoor scene atmosphere foil, built up areas

4. Generalization LED lights

varieties: O shape pipe, D shape, U shape, square, triangle

applications: building generalization, overpass, river, garden, light

result: draw the outline of all kinds of building material, the appearance of the railings etc.

5. LED buried lights

varieties: 24, 36, 48 grain

applications: shopping malls, parking area, green belts, pedestrian street, courtyards, song and dance halls, parks, tourist attractions

result: decorate lighting may indicate lighting

6. LED rainbow tube

varieties: round two lines, three lines, flat flat four line, seven color line

applications: building generalization, KTV, bar, home outfit dark slot, residential lighting, commercial center decoration lighting

result: all kinds of building content generalization, foil atmosphere,

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