LED big business cliques

by:Sehon     2020-10-12

LED reshuffle has begun, a common argument is that shuffle is the result of the big eat small. But even larger LED companies to market, and the current situation of the whole industry sick people. Some big companies also began to try other means, through channels and specification of purchasing, order, multi-level cooperation.

August 17 & ndash; 19 high LED show held in guangzhou on the first day, including nine have been listed, six to listed companies, LED 20 held a G20 - LED enterprise Led summit. In on the morning of the closed link, 20 companies is to discuss the cooperation between enterprises.

the actuality of the LED by some insiders blunt for & other; Chaos throughout the &; , including imperfect industry standards, product quality is good and bad are intermingled, price six to one, and the terminal consumer to domestic related LED products standard, specification, or lack of intuitive and accurate.

in the face of these, the main idea is to build a standard alliance of local governments. Guangdong nanhai district just in just five days ago, for example, has set up a regional LED standards alliance, in the form of a means of regional enterprises to win & other; Voice & throughout; 。 In the earlier, has a similar move by the science of guangdong province.

the G20 - Led 20 led enterprises, also released last month on the lighting product specification plan, to develop high quality led lighting products level indicator. “ 20国集团(G20) - LED products specification is not standard, but in line with market demand, to facilitate consumer visual identification of the product level indicator. ” The organizing committee of the secretary-general jack zhang is introduced.

closer unity plan, and this time is involved in purchasing, production, channels and other specific operations of the upstream and downstream cooperation plan.

in the purchase of co-operation, 20 companies trying to make the LED supply chain procurement trading platform. Due to the cost of raw materials accounts for thirty percent of the cost of producing two, some as much as half, control the purchasing cost and make it falling is extremely important. 20 companies believe that, due to heavy concentration, the enterprise can be predicted in advance according to the historical procurement data for raw materials reserve in advance, and to further reduce the uncertainty of demand.

' In the future, through the centralized purchasing transactions, also can reduce the upstream supplier purchasing cost, help supplier stable production, reduce production costs, improve product quality. Feedback at the same time, by focusing on demand, can also help the supplier to rapidly develop new products. Overall, the stability of the supply chain would be strengthened, the overall procurement cost will be effectively reduced. ”

in the channel, said jack zhang, like traditional leishi lighting companies, after years of effort, is still channel to control the lighting industry. And emerging of LED industry, individual enterprises unable to build his own channel. Now change as leishi lighting executives, and surveyed foshan lighting, LED lighting enterprise discovery & other; Traditional lighting is not that terrible & throughout; 。

with the aid of traditional lighting distribution channel is a LED lighting enterprise establish channels of another way, but because of the traditional enterprise itself is stepping up efforts in the direction of the LED lighting, both sides conflict of interest, it is hard to work.

led the construction of channels including differentiation the original channels of traditional lighting, or parallel to establish updated channels, including traditional channels is less involved in network channels. But for now, the LED enterprises set up their own channels of cooperation, from part of leishi differentiation channel is not reality.

we won't go to seduce them, but we have enough attraction draw the part of leishi dealers.

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