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by:Sehon     2020-10-04

led bulb is our indispensable home appliance in daily life, it is with the characteristics of green environmental protection and energy saving by vast consumers. But, let's meet in the process of the choose and buy, buy poor quality many time. Small make up for today let's detailed introduction about how to choose and buy and how to device the relevant information.

how to choose and buy the led bulb

1, see light beads

light bead is the core element of , different types, different quality of lamp bead light power, luminous point of view is different. Now on the market most light bulbs are single crystal lamp bead, which is just a piece of crystal. Twin lamp bead performance better than the single crystal lamp bead, long life spans than single crystal lamp bead. Also, generally using twin lamp bead lamp bead amount required for significantly less than the number of single crystal lamp bead, is more advantageous to the lamp body dimension optimization.

so when the choose and buy, can consult with the seller about the ball bubble lamp bead, as far as possible choose twin lamp bead, not using the full length, and luminous power, luminous viewpoints are high, and more widely used occasion.

2, see brightness

when LED bulbs of choose and buy, many consumer think the higher brightness, the light bulb, the better, in fact this is a big misunderstanding of choose and buy. Because of bright lights like sunshine out there at noon, not just simple harm eyesight, but also affects health of body and mind, very simple form children withdrawn, be agitated, irritable temperament. Therefore, when choosing LED bulbs should be combined with lighting environment, refer to the product of luminous flux index, or watch the lamp brightness, to choose the lamps and lanterns of brightness create enough but not as much as possible.

3, see color

see color rendering index is object color really degree under the lights. Objects of degrees higher is better. In the picture below the graph example, through the comparison chart can significantly, the left side of the picture is very reality, the right side of the picture is clearly a serious distortion. We can use the color body at hand in a light bulb do the test, and from a professional point of view can be used to choose and buy color rendering index, color rendering index in more than 80 general lamps and lanterns is good, the higher the color rendering index, light objects of the higher recovery degree.

4, look at the cooling data

because in the process of lighting heat will attack, so the light bulb must has good heat dissipation function. Bulb of heat dissipation should choose ceramic raw materials, followed by the plastic bag, aluminum plastic again. When the choose and buy, the light in the selection of ceramic materials, plastic raw materials not to consider, as far as possible to reduce the probability of risk.

5, see light bubble shell

lamp bubble shell is the bulb lamp shade, this part of the raw materials to a great extent, affect the light transmittance, glare, light lighting effect. Now on the market of LED ball bubble shell with PC, glass commonly two kinds of material is given priority to, in which the light transmittance of glass, pervious to light function better, luminous uniform light shape is good, can reduce glare, light condition, but defect is more fragile.

how device

1, slitting line and

we will need according to the range of the scale of the lamp in the gusset plate of good bearing, then use knife cut down just crossed the azimuth of the same as the opening scale tests of a round hole. Marginal when cut in order to avoid cut hands, so it can stick on a ring on it cellophane tape.

2, cohesion gusset plate

then we have to do is put in the lamp button and then use lock it on the gusset plate, when in the device the illustration on the process above, let's make sure good led bulb light is stable on the gusset plate.

that's small make up for our introduction on how to choose and buy the and how device related information, and compared with the traditional light bulb has many strengths together, if feel suitable oneself family, let's just as well with some and device. Expect small make up to summarize these can bring help for you.

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