LED bulb lamp bead must be a string

by:Sehon     2020-11-08

LED bulb lamp bead not only within the series method, also some use parallel connection or series parallel, different design of products is different also, was based on driving power is series is parallel to resolution, lamp bead series drive the supply voltage is high, the current small, parallel low driving voltage, high current.

use series, LED lamp bead appear on the circuit is simple, just need to add a current limiting resistor, based on the principle of series circuit current equal everywhere, can ensure that the current of each lamp bead is the same, the reliability is higher, but if there is a lamp bead is not bad will appear on the light, this is the defects of it. General series method is used for the high power LED light.

LED lamp bead parallel also has its advantages, for example, a lamp beads broken won't appear is not bright, but can lead to current was assigned to other lamp bead, make all the LED lights are in a state of flow operation, simple all burn out. Lamps and lanterns is rarely use this method.

with string of LED lights and mixed connections, is a kind of multiple lamp bead series into several series, in parallel, the method and parallel system defects, during which there is a light in a string of beads to fail, which can lead to the entire string will be not bright, add other series lamp bead current, soon will be broken. And there's a lamp bead parallel of all, each lamp bead is fragmented, broken a will not lead to another is not bright, light bead, the more the more stable, because a single lamp beads broken, current distribution to other lamp bead is wandering off above, does not have a big impact.

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