- LED bulb lamp LED beacon lit Ottawa national arts center

by:Sehon     2020-10-12

to celebrate the 150 anniversary of the founding of Canada, Ottawa, the national art center ( NAC) Custom designed and installed by ClearLED company a transparent LED media wall 50 feet. The opacity to 80%, the maximum brightness 8000 nita, allows natural light through, can display different content in the night. Four additional 32 feet of transparent LED light, can coordinate display content, create the unique aesthetic digital experience. Background:

NAC is the landmark building of Canada, was founded in 1967, as the country's most important art performance platform. In 2017, in order to meet Canada's 150th anniversary celebration, NAC started a construction project, the goal is to build a tower, the original building geometry to the 21st century, a new transparency and links with the city.

the 50 ft lighthouse USES ClearLED TV wall screen, create a new kind of unforgettable experience, can actively connection and influence the public.

the transparent lighthouse attracted thousands of tourists visit every day. It is used to display digital artist from Canada and around the world, fully shows the cultural diversity of Canada.

challenge: the new national art center in building shape is very unique, like a giant lantern. In order to illuminate the space ClearLED faced with custom screen with precise design space and provides transparency and brightness of the biggest challenges. Another hurdle is must ensure that the components, light weight, strong and easy to maintain. The four blades must have waterproof function, Ottawa, can withstand the cold and wet climate condition.

the other thing is, the construction period is very short, requires that all the staff work in the same sealed area at the same time. In addition, must be strictly to ensure workplace safety, without plan ahead into facilities become a challenge.

plan: planning is vital to success, the project has been officially launched the previous year. ClearLED formed a special project team, several times to discuss with NAC.

more than 400 pieces of LED panel via the custom design, can accurately match every part of the glass building, as many as 13 kinds of unique custom model. All panel through independent testing and quality testing, to alleviate the problems in the process of installation. ClearLED chose the days of high quality LED lamp bead, can ensure a lasting life and tolerance weather in Ottawa.

project installation team ready security permission in advance. Materials with the first delivery and customs clearance. During installation, a group living in Ottawa and keep close contact with NAC, to arrange the visit and minimize conflict with other industries.

result: the project completed on schedule, celebrating the 150th anniversary of the founding of Canada, and attracted the media scramble to report. More than 35 Wan Ming audience attended the celebration, the amazing lighthouse is also viewed as Canada's rich cultural symbol.

since then, national beacon art center will set up a permanent device, and used for various events. During October, for example, it is used to support world mental health day, and was published in the multiple social media platforms.

today, the tower has become a local landmark, attracts about 5 million local residents and visitors.

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