- LED bulb lamp Lighting market is sluggish, the filament lamp market competition

by:Sehon     2020-11-03

LEDinside, analysts said the LED packaging product price from the first quarter to the second quarter continues to decline, the overall price keep stable in June, but the lighting market demand is still not improved markedly.

in lighting and backlight the weakness in the market, most vendors threshold market transition towards niche type, high technology, vehicle with special lighting market is also a new blue ocean. The automotive market, for example, in 2017 China automotive market LED encapsulation revenue top three still for osram, Lumileds and daily chemical; In addition to the international manufacturers, Taiwan manufacturers light, such as mainland China manufacturer hon lee and can layout are positive.

to overall revenue situation, the international line manufacturers still give priority to in order to supply front loading market; Chinese manufacturers in Taiwan and mainland China vendors would borrow from after-sales and modification services market gradually increase revenue, and rely for product sales, into the front loading markets such as tail lights.

the global LED bulb light price fell, filament lamp market competition is intense in Europe

the global price of LED bulbs, instead of 40 w incandescent lamp LED bulbs in June retail average slipped slightly 0. 1%, 6. $3; Replace the 60 w incandescent lamp LED bulbs retail a slight drop in average of 0. Is 6%, 7. Five dollars.

from regional view, filament lamp market in Europe is still competitive. German region instead of 40 w and 60 w incandescent lamp LED bulbs average decline in 0, respectively. 5% and 3. 4%, brands include osram, philips, Sylvania, Mü Ller, etc. In order to improve the market share, in view of the filament lamp product proliferation of low-cost promotion, lead to big decline in product prices.

as for Asia, recently affected by exchange rate changes, product prices fell, South Korea, Japan and mainland China products price from 0. 5% - About 2% of the decline.

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