LED bulb light aging line, the principle of simple description

by:Sehon     2020-09-29

LED bulb light aging line, the principle of simple description. Now automatic and intelligent skills throughout, making mechanical equipment has entered a brand-new s, LED aging line industry also must more should pay attention to the development of the market, in the pursuit of high-quality high-tech equipment aging line, also should vigorously carry out a high level of automation, intelligent, diverse LED aging line equipment.

LED lamp aging line is dedicated to all kinds of old standard LED lighting products detection, include LED bulb lamp, fluorescent lamp, panel lamp, absorb dome light, street light, tunnel light etc, the equipment selection and rotating or revolving around two methods, revolving method is different, when the function is not side, first after high pressure of the LED lights, atmospheric pressure and low pressure, high temperature, voltage, such as travel, shock the sophisticated, more intuitive to observe if there is a short circuit, LED lamp bursting capacitance, black number. Detect the beat circuit, voltage area around simulate the use of all kinds of LED lights. Based on voltage condition, different regions of Europe and the us can aging 110 vled lamp. Rotating power system selects the variable frequency adjustable speed system, select button or touch screen operation panel practice two ways.

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