Led bulb light aluminum plate made with what material

by:Sehon     2020-10-03

LED bulb light aluminum plate is a metal has outstanding heat dissipation function base copper-clad r. p. panel and general single panel composed of three layers structure, the circuit layer ( Copper foil) , insulation and metal layer. Used in high-end application also has a plan for the panel, for circuit layer, insulating layer, aluminum structure, insulation, circuit layer. Very few applications for sandwich plate, can by general sandwich plate with insulation layer, aluminum joint.

LED aluminum plate is the PCB, is also the meaning of printed circuit board, just PCB material is aluminium alloy, the former general circuit board material is glass fiber, but because the LED heat is larger, so the LED lamps and lanterns with the circuit board is commonly aluminum plate, can fast heat conduction, other equipment or electrical circuit board or glass fiber board!

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