LED bulb light and energy-saving light

by:Sehon     2020-10-26

now LED lamp is more and more get customer recognition, compared with energy-saving lamps, LED has many advantages:

light efficiency is high, the customer can get more light, very affordable;

easy to move light, rich scene change;

color rich and easy to change, handling, construction of special atmosphere;

small volume, easy to decorate with;

saving energy, cutting energy consumption, and no mercury, no pollution to the environment.

strengths too much, too numerous to list. The following through with the brand, with the power of the light source, can see the advantages of LED lights significantly, those of energy-saving lamps.

LED lights with energy-saving lamps rated power is 5 w, LED luminous flux is 350 lm, energy-saving lamp luminous flux is 230 lm. The author in the article of a few days ago & other; Interpretation of the LED ball steep light & throughout; Has shown, luminous flux plain speaking what is announced light source of light, its value, the greater the light source, the more light is announced. Thus, also buy 5 w light source, LED more than CFLS announced 34. 2% of the light, your room can become brighter, or maintain the same illumination can use less about a third of the lamp.

stature, LED ball steep light is as high as 15000 h, and energy-saving lamp life is 10000 h, LED advantage significantly.

as a result, the LED luminous flux and full target decision in the advantage of integrated energy efficiency and economic efficiency, is energy-saving lamps, as shown in table 1.

table 1 the comparison of LED bulb light and energy-saving light

parameters LED filament bulb percentage differential difference

rated power ( W) 550. 00. 0%

rated flux ( lm) 350230120. 052. A good 2%

( h) 15000100005000. 050. 0%

photosynthetic efficiency, lm / W) 70. 046. 024. 052. 2%

  FTP( lm。 h / W) 1050000460000590000. 0128.

FTY 3% ( lm。 h / Y) 238636. 414375094886. 466. 0%

price ( 元) 22166. 037. 5%

note: see the mass number for FTP and FTY effects on April 16, 2016 & other; As well as the questions & LED indoor lighting application ndash; — Gossip said LED indoor lighting! ” The article.

this shows, the comprehensive energy efficiency leds is energy-saving lamps of 1. 28 times, 66% higher economic efficiency than energy-saving lamps.

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