LED bulb light at high temperature for a long time

by:Sehon     2020-10-24

LED bulb light at high temperature for a long time? Many consumer think the LED ball steep light is not as hot as incandescent lamps, cold light source is in fact this is fault, LED ball steep light bulbs still can produce heat, the reason on the LED ball steep light join electricity not completely into the light, have some heat, basically only 20% after the power supply 30% of its electricity into light, and the other 70% are converted to heat energy.

if the heat dissipation of LED ball steep light owe good, will make the LED chip junction WenMinJie progress, if the LED ball steep light bulb in the condition of high temperature for a long time, will become old, yea, shorten the LED ball steep light, therefore, the golden sea LED ball steep light manufacturer after experiment has been dealing with heat dissipation problem of LED bulb lamps and lanterns, LED ball steep light bulb cooling, can from the packaging before and after packaging, the LED chip cooling and heat dissipation of the LED ball steep light bulb.

LED chip cooling is mainly associated with the selection process of substrate and circuit, the LED ball steep light bulbs, cooling, is actually made up of two parts of the thermal conductivity and thermal, what happens to the LED chip heat, came out from the metal radiator piece, through to the aluminum substrate PCB solder, first through the heat conduction glue again, finally to the aluminum radiator.

different LED ball steep light, will be based on customer needs and capital, choose different thermal conductive materials, general LED ball steep light manufacturer basically has the following several kinds of thermal conductivity:

aluminum radiator fins: this is the most commonly used cooling method, using aluminum radiator fins as a part of the shell to add the cooling area. Like LED ceiling lamp is ever choose sunflower method, more advanced skills are now a knife type radiator, as our LED bulb lamps manufacturer chooses is the knife type radiator.

thermal conductive plastic shell, namely in the plastic shell injection molding filling thermal conductive materials, add a plastic shell of heat conductivity, heat dissipation ability, however, relative to the aluminum radiator, plastic shell of the heat dissipation is relatively less.

air fluid mechanics: use lamp shell casing, make air convection, this is the minimum capital to strengthen the cooling method.

thermal tube: using thermal tube ability, heat conductivity by LED chips to shell heat fin, like a street lamp is using this design.

appearance radiation heat treatment, is altered radiation coating in the appearance, the heat radiation way out of the lamp shell appearance, to reach the effect of heat dissipation.

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