LED bulb light component

by:Sehon     2020-10-27

due to the LED ball bubble lamp and incandescent lamp is similar as the spherical shape, and it also has the energy saving effect. But the structure of the LED ball steep light than traditional spherical bulb clutter, first, lamp beads, lamp bead substrate by the driver, the radiator cover, PC, PBT, shell, lamp holder and other parts. Meantime on top is the chimney, chimney is card at the base, there will be a hole above the base, pedestal cohesion of thermal conductivity, thermal conductivity to connect radiator, cohesion on the lamp holder is the drive power supply, light is the lamp bead.

LED bulb light driver: RC drive voltage is not firm scale is very narrow, in case of voltage is not stable, easy to burn. New light source, the scale of low voltage for 100 v can be applied to - High voltage 130 v, size is 220 - 240V。 Low voltage too high will burn, will darken, stroboscopic. The IC driver can accept 10% voltage not firm size, can use commonly of low pressure scale is 90 - High voltage 160 v, size is 160 - 260 v, no stroboscopic.

LED bulb light lamp bead: choose 3014 leds, single LED power is only 0. 08 w, and the light is soft, pure spectrum, high luminous efficiency.

LED bulb light lamp bead board first divided into bo qian plate and aluminum plate. Glass fiber board: selection of glass fiber cloth, capital is low, high pressure resistance, but poor heat dissipation. Aluminum plate: by a special metal base copper-clad r. p. panel and good function of thermal conductivity, electrical insulation function is poorer, capital is higher. High-grade LED ball steep light foundation will choose high quality aluminum plate.

LED bulb light radiator plastic bag was used for the aluminum structure, separation of plastic insulation, corrosion resistance and thermal conductive metal aluminum fast characteristics, combined with air convection structure together, make the heat dissipation is more rapid, ensure life, reduce light failure.

LED bulb light shade: common milky white mask, lit on market cover two kinds, raw materials such as PC, glass, ceramic, silica gel. Usually, LED ball bubble lamp shade for the PC cover is best, range 85 ~ 90%, the uniform light, moderate and of course the price is also the most expensive.

LED bulb lamp shell use insulation PBT, shell, has the very good insulation and corrosion resistance.

LED ball steep light, lamp holder, LED ball steep light can exchange under general incandescent lamp, the lamp holder of conventional E27, E14, can also according to different country complete customized standard lamp holder.

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