Led bulb light life a few years

by:Sehon     2020-10-02

LED in general notes, can be used more than 50000 hours, and some manufacturers to promote the LED can work about 100000 hours. The main problem is that the LED is not simple to operate, no longer its extra utilizing life cannot use traditional lamps and lanterns of measure method to calculate. In fact, when used in testing the LED life, no one will always stay beside waiting for it to suspend operations. Still, there are other methods to measure the LED use life. Leds are durable because it won't produce filament fuse problem. LED does not directly suspend operation, but it will gradually degraded with the passing of time. Is marked by speculation, and high quality LED through after 50000 hours of continuous operation, also can maintain more than 60% of the initial degree of the light. Assume that LED has reached its extra use life, in fact, it may still be hair light, but light is very weak.

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