LED bulb light maintenance method

by:Sehon     2020-10-01

the use of LED ball steep light maintenance notice:

1, please read carefully the product specification, confirm whether the use environment fit specifications books, just can use.

2. The product when plugged into a power supply, please ensure that the switch is in closed condition, prevent to get an electric shock.

3, before use, please make sure good for power supply.

4, lamps and lanterns lit, hand do not touch the lamp surface.

5, this product is limited to indoor use, please pay attention to waterproof outdoor.

6, illegal operation may damage your items, and even to compromise your personal safety.

7, began to the number of budget needed to shoot the light, then according to the number of a single lamp cup power rating, calculates the total power, power distribution plan and design.

8, prevent the installation in the heat source and thermal steam, corrosive gas, avoid affecting survival.

9, using high pressure ( 110V220V) Power lamp cup, unfavorable work in the frequent power condition, it will affect their life.

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