LED bulb light must be labeled with energy efficiency label

by:Sehon     2020-10-09

according to the National Development and Reform Commission released the general lighting non-directional since ballast power leds motive force imposed rules ', points out that from October 1, 2016, general lighting non-directional since ballast LED lights ( Commonly known as LED ball steep light) Will need power labeled with motive force talents for sale.

according to the requirement of the 'rules', LED ball steep light detection requirements for 1000 hours of light, both before and after the test cycle needs about 45 days, plus online time keep on record, product will be smoothly for sale and fit the requirement of 'rules', on August 10 began to keep on record products inspection.

enterprise needs over the following three points, ability obtains the energy efficiency label:

1, LED bulb light for 1000 hours of light test 2, LED ball steep light testing end statements 3, energy efficiency label online supply information to keep on record in China

state released product quality & other; The smoke & throughout; Planning

under the State Council general office recently issued by the consumer product specification and quality improvement plan ( 2016 - 2020) ', decorate with advanced specifications lead consumer product quality improvement, reversed transmission consumer goods manufacturing industry transformation promotion. 'The plan' for development opportunities brought serious inspection certification testing arrangement.

the main points of emphasis on content is as follows:

to green product specification. Establish green product specification, certification and identification system, draw up the general principles of the green product evaluation, the relevant competent professional parts join and work together to expand consumer category green goods, certification logos. Establish green product specification, identification and authentication information channels, expose release relevant policies and regulations, norms, rules and procedures, inter alia, authentication and information. In point specification, such as professional to carbon emissions to handle guide green low carbon consumption.

skills bottleneck breakthrough inspection detection, can progress rapidly, intelligent recognition detection monitoring.

will encourage qualified enterprises to set up skills center, testing center and industrial base, and foster r&d, planning, manufacturing and system integration in the integration of the different type enterprise.

set up the unified, standardized supervision and check mechanism, implementing & other; Random inspection enterprise, random check products, randomly selected testing arrangement & throughout; System of national supervision and inspection of the quality of product qualified products of the same enterprise of the same specifications and anywhere within six months, part and shall not repeat inspection. Promote consumer products quality supervision and inspection results to share information, implementation & other; A specification, mutual recognition of an inspection, achievements and national standard & throughout; 。

change the certification and accreditation system and set up different consumer goods category, consumer product safety and green certification.

a national quality skill based world than ascend, breakthrough of metrologic, specification, inspection testing, certification and accreditation and other key skills, quality based collaborative meet chain & other form; Specification & ndash; Measuring & ndash; Certification and accreditation & ndash; Check the detection & throughout; All of the skills solution, in the point of consumer goods industry to promote quality used integrated demonstration.

standardize inspection certification, set up the inspection certification arrangement system of jointly and severally liable to the quality of the product.

intensify efforts to introduce the foreign specifications, metrology, certification and accreditation, inspection test category talent intelligence, such as to improve the quality of the talent exchange.

LED certification standards and blu-ray, stroboscopic performance test such as the latest progress of

with the rapid development of LED professional, energy efficiency in the relevant specification update speed is accelerated.

recently, to facilitate trade and regulation, in website issued by state certification and accreditation mandatory product certification directory products with 2016 HS codes corresponding to refer to the table of the notice. The notice said, 'mandatory product certification directory products and 2016 HS codes corresponding to refer to the table is arranged by state certification and relevant experts to compile the end, just as a mandatory product certification directory products refer to conclude, the relevant mandatory product certification directory products concretely describe and define, related products released by state certification and accreditation mandatory product certification notice shall prevail.

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