LED bulb light production process

by:Sehon     2020-10-19

traditional incandescent lamp ( Tungsten filament lamp) High energy consumption, short service life, in the global resource environment and has been gradually used by governments to stop the production, then replace the product is electronic energy-saving lamps, electronic energy-saving lamp is more energy saving effect, but as a result of using a lot of environmental pollution by heavy metals, and contrary to the trend of environmental protection. Skills with LED high speed to develop the LED lighting gradually become a new type of green lighting of choice. In LED luminous principle, energy-saving, environmental protection level are much better than traditional lighting products.

LED bulb light chose the existing interface methods, namely, screw, jack method ( E26 / E27, E14, B22, etc. ) And even in order to comply with the using habit of people like the appearance of the incandescent light bulb. According to the principle of LED unidirectional luminescent, planners did change in the lamps and lanterns of the structure make the LED ball steep light fundamental and incandescent light distribution curve of point source of convergence.

based on the characteristics of LED light-emitting incandescent light bulbs, LED bulb light structure is relatively complex, simply divided into light, drive circuit, radiator, these parts fit together to make a low energy consumption, long life, high photosynthetic efficiency and environmentally friendly LED ball steep light products. So the LED lighting products in the present, is still higher levels of skills of high-tech lighting products.

the general structure of the LED ball steep light:

is the primary structure includes a lamp holder, 2 it is constant current drive power supply, three is a radiator, four is the LED board, five as the cover of the bulb.

LED bulb light craft:

1, lamp beads: choose LED lamp bead, the light is downy, spectrum pure, high luminous power, the luminous power of 50 - traditional energy-saving lamps Lm/W, 60 and 90 - LED bulb light 100lm/W。

2, chimney: made from wisdom light led optical lamp shade, light transmittance as high as 95% above, intensity of illumination uniformity, outstanding for the eyes.

3, radiator, lamps and lanterns chooses 6063 aluminum extrusion molding shell, heat radiation and heat conduction performance is superior. Using hollow out planning of thermal conductivity, increased the thermal conductive surface and air touch area, good heat dissipation effect. And the touch of the lamp bead and aluminum board surface cooling paste adhesive, light bead heat dissipation.

4, drive circuit, selects the first grade complete isolation room planning, with over-voltage protection, over-current protection and short circuit protection function, safe and reliable.

5, lamp holder interface: apply voltage, the world can change for E27, flexible E26, E14, such as different standards of lamp holder, installation is simple.

6, with light skills: skills, use of advanced light distribution extends the LED point light source for LED area light sources, increasing the shiny surface, eliminate the glare, improve the visual effect.

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