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by:Sehon     2020-10-29

shopping in the supermarket, see the shelves have many LED ball steep light, because the elements of career for the ball bubble read carefully, find that some content for consumers more strange, is not conducive to the right to choose.

1, the big international brand packaging, labeling clearer accurately.

because western law consciousness is stronger, a law that, marked by information constantly, zero leakage, is worth learning in their own enterprises.

2, energy saving, long life

3 w LED bulb: additional flux about 250 lm, general consumers do not necessarily know what flux is? In simple terms, luminous flux is light bulbs announced by how much! Announced the 3 w LED bulb light and 5 w energy-saving lamps or 25 w incandescent lamp announced by appropriate light, so visible LED energy-saving effect is very good.

3, the energy efficiency level

LED bulb: on the basis of GB30255 - Since 2013 'general lighting non-directional ballast LED lamp limited value of energy efficiency and energy efficiency grade' to identify the level of energy efficiency. In short, the highest efficiency, level 1 the most energy saving; Level 3 as the threshold of energy efficiency, satisfaction level 3 can sell; Level 2 in the middle.

4, photosynthetic efficiency

above two ball bubble lamp on the left side of the color temperature of 6500 k ( Light color) , the right for 3000 k color temperature ( Warm color temperature) Color of photosynthetic efficiency, its photosynthetic efficiency difference, sun is 85 lm/W, warm color of photosynthetic efficiency slightly low, 80 lm/W. Of course the ball bubble of warm color is more suitable for home.

5, stroboscopic bay

stroboscopic can cause adverse effect to the person's eyesight, and even damage. Stroboscopic bay technology can effectively reduce the stroboscopic, protect eyesight. See this number on April 19, 2016 public articles & other; Rational treatment throughout the lamp that shield an eye &; 。

6, light biological safety

according to IEC/EN62471 LED lights biological safety testing and certification, the LED light radiation on biological tissue of the body, especially for a person's skin, the eye may cause damage to the assessment, the LED lamp radiation damage level is divided into the safest immunity, low damage, secondary damage level and high damage level in level 4. Pictured above products as the safest exemption level, to the person's skin, eye damage can be ignored.

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