LED bulbs affect communication in the future

by:Sehon     2020-10-07

since created Edison filament bulbs to already service for more than a century for people, but with the arrival of the LED lights, it with few days. Incandescent light bulbs, LED lamp power consumption is only one of the very, and use life is its 30 times. Not only that, the LED lamp USES are not limited to lighting, with the creation of smart bulb, it is endowed with more rated function, it can make your laptop, smartphone to connect to the Internet. Despite the Wi - Fi,Li- Fi.

in fact, with visible light wireless communication is not a new idea. Everyone knows that a smoke signal on a desert island can be used to attract attention; About napoleon s, few people know that Europe has now been optical cable cover it, or else it wouldn't call light.

and after will be a wisp of smoke in accordance with the method of Morse code partition, can constitute a distress message, visible optical communication & ndash; — LI- Fi - — Agile through adjust the strength of the ricoh, to the data compiled into the binary 1 s and 0 s. For the LED to open said 1, 0, after a quick switch can transmit information. But this does not mean that, Li - Fi transceiver will shine, because it make the speed regulate speed beyond the human eye.

Wi - Fi vs Li- Fi

follow using WiFi number increased dramatically and many of the WiFi data transmission for existing composed of radio and microwave frequency spectrum WiFi technology bring great pressure. Follow the index increase of mobile devices, by 2019 estimates will surpass 10 billion equipment, will exchange 337. 23685477 trillion 5808 (around 922 Beijing 10 18 power) Bytes of information. Because congestion and frequency electromagnetic disturb, now the WiFi skills will not be able to complete the data transmission. Problem is the most outstanding local urban areas, because most wi-fi users in the city.

the ultimate communication principle is in the electromagnetic frequency band width are available on the maximum data transfer. Radio frequency spectrum is many use and management, but there is no satisfactory rated space to satisfied the growing demand for the user. So Li - Hi Wi - is likely to replace radio and microwave frequency Fi。

about communication, the visible light spectrum has the characteristic of giant, has not been used, and without supervision. Diode modulation of light can be very agile: using a single blue LED, data rate is as high as 3. 5 Gb/s。 With the white light also can reach 1. 7Gb/s。

unlike Wi - Fi transmitter, optical communication is conducted in an airtight room. Seems Li - the constraints Fi limitations, but its key advantage is very safe: hang window cloth in the future, no one can eavesdrop on outside room. On the ceiling light source array can send different signal to different users. Transmitter power to localization and can be applied more effectively, and with the adjacent Li - would not be affected Fi. Compared with Wi - Fi no radio frequency is truly a great advantage. Visible optical communication very safe, but also can make the traveler flying without his equipment to switch to the form.

Li - Fi further advantage is that it can use the existing electric power line, for example, LED lighting, so you don't have to build new infrastructure.

for the Internet of things --

in the highly interconnected and everything can and self-determination in international communication, the Internet of things is a bold imagination. In your refrigerator, for example, milk drink, perhaps will soon expire will tell you information sent to your phone. Car sensors in tire excessive wear, or tell you via phone, when the tire pressure is too low.

because of the Internet of things & other; Items & throughout; Sensor and controller, the demand for network connection, and the equipment to meet the need of communication bandwidth is huge. According to speculation, and by 2020 there will be 25 billion this kind of equipment for cohesion, in fact, most of these things only needs a short interval of cohesion, and Li - Fi will become a realistic solution.

some companies are now beginning to supply the visible optical communication products. Li - of the PureLii headquartered in Edinburgh 1 st, supply security has 11. The capacity of 5 MBPS wireless point-to-point Internet & ndash; — Equivalent to the first generation of Wi - Fi plug-and-play solution. Another kind is from France Oledcomm, using Li - Linked to a hospital for Fi.

although there are still a lot of skills, but now people have a complete Li - The first step in the Fi. Able to determine that you light switch will open more in the future and not just the lighting.

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