Led bulbs and energy-saving lamps good

by:Sehon     2020-10-21

1。 Technical comparison:

energy-saving lamps first luminescent material is still a tungsten filament. What will happen when the principle is that tungsten wire electric heating electronic, use must be technology, accelerate electrons. Energy-saving light bulbs are designed to be a vacuum, which filled with mercury, the mercury. Accelerate electrons and the evaporation after mercury atom effect, ultraviolet light. In energy-saving lamp tube coated with fluorescent material, ultraviolet (uv) light irradiation on the fluorescent material, the light.

leds is after one LED lamp bead series or parallel, the LED lamp bead consists of light emitting diode, while under the effects of integrated circuit chips transform ac 220 v power supply for the voltage and current can match the LED collection of direct current (dc), in order to satisfied the requirement of the LED lamp bead collection, can make the normal light.

2。 Brightness by:

to we introduce a concept, that is luminous flux, it refers to the human eye can feel radiation power.

flux: 1 w leds = 3 w energy-saving lamps = 15 w incandescent lamp.

it LED lights are brightness ( Luminous flux) Is far higher than energy-saving lamps and ordinary incandescent bulbs.

3。 Energy consumption in comparison:

under the condition of same luminous flux, a LED light on the energy consumption is only 1/4 of energy-saving lamps. This is because the consumption of energy-saving lamp power a small portion will be converted into heat energy situation disappear, while leds do not have this problem. In daily use, 10 w LED lights use 100 hours, only 1 degree, power consumption is much better than the energy-saving lamps on the energy consumption.

4。 Full comparison:

because leds problem, there is no filament being generally LED lamp life spans are able to use more than 50000 hours, and some special LED lights stature but also can reach 100000 hours. And general energy-saving lamps stature in 5000 hours, also has more than 8000 hours. Compared the two, we can see that the LED lamp life is far greater than energy-saving lamps, this also removes we often change the light bulb.

5。 According to environmental protection:

in the energy-saving lamps filled with mercury, mercury and other harmful substances, follow use time, energy-saving lamps of sealing can present cracks, the mercury will evaporate to air, forming the environmental pollution. LED lights have no this aspect of the problem, environmental protection materials safety.

6。 Price comparison:

price, because the LED on many characteristics are significantly better than energy-saving lamps, so is the price of LED lamp is also much more expensive than energy-saving lamps, it is also formed LED currently carrying out a serious cause of obstacles.

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