LED bulbs common failures and solutions

by:Sehon     2020-10-20

now, the led lamp is very popular, slowly instead of incandescent bulbs. Because of its high brightness, low consumption, and the design is more beautiful, and liked by consumers. But LED in use after a period of time, will become the problem of dark or light, this is how to return a responsibility? Today let's to analyze the LED bulbs common problems and provide solutions, so that we can correct.

leds common problems and solutions

LED lights on the market now is two kinds, one kind is a kind of constant current is resistance capacity, relatively constant current is safe, there is a control device, output current is stable. Resistance capacity of the structure is relatively short, just do the antihypertensive treatment, LED lamp bead work within the normal working current.

the LED lamp inside is actually a lot of small lights, they are generally more series, and then several series combination in parallel.

then we can have a look at the control device of the above stated that the input is 220 v alternating current (ac), 20 - output - 30 v dc, LED small light bead are dc supply.

problem a: LED not bright

1, on the basis of the control device to clarify, first of all, let's to see the control unit of input, 220 v power supply is normal. And then view the output end of the 20 - - Whether 30 v dc power supply output is normal. Power under normal condition, let's check the leds.

2, electricity pen can be measured. Most of the light bulb not bright are the problems of control apparatus, so if abnormal view the output end, replacement of manipulation, if start to is strong, can also open yourself to find reasons for their correction.

problem 2: LED dark

leds dark is usually part of the lamp bead broken condition, so we can use multimeter to personally see the stand or fall of lamp bead, of course, it is possible that a set of lamp bead is broken. Find out the broken lights, according to the type for the corresponding change, it also requires a certain set about talents.

multimeter diode gear, multimeter is red and black pens and contact lamp bead is negative, if the bead light is good, don't light is broken.

problem three: LED lights dim

generally poor quality LED lights have this kind of condition, and is home to light do not pay attention to, the open to turn off the lights on the zero line. LED lamp can light up very responsive with weak current, all some families use electronic switch will shut the lights dim, in either situation caused by the dim light, we are able to solve with a relay perfect, because the relay control line zero line on and off at the same time.

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