Led bulbs light bulb manufacturer what features

by:Sehon     2020-10-11

these years led bulbs widely used in our daily life, it not only environmental protection, and no pollution to the environment, use the stature is very long. In the global scale, whether urban household lighting, lighting, or is a better choose.

led bulb is a kind of light-emitting diodes (leds) as the primary data are used to make for outdoor use of lamps and lanterns, it can shine, first because we use weak electricity can make the semiconductor PN junction to achieve glowing effect, which means that we are in a positive bias voltage and current situation, injected electrons in p and N area scattered time announced on the radiative recombination and light source. Compared with the traditional light bulb, led lights have what advantage?

led bulbs strength: 1, energy saving. White led power consumption is only 1/10 of incandescent lamp, energy-saving lamp of a quarter; 2, long life. Taking up to 100000 hours, for the average household lighting is & other; Once and for all & throughout; ; 3, able to work in high speed condition, filament bulbs if frequent start on or off black will soon spoil; 4, solid-state encapsulation, cold light source type. So it is very easy to transport and equipment, the equipment can be in any tiny and closed equipment, does not fear the oscillation, basically don't have to consider the cooling; 5, led skills is one day in advance, its luminous efficiency is astonishing breakthrough, prices are falling.

light color is constitute the basic elements of visual aesthetics, is an important technique in beautification bedroom. The selection of light source directly affect the art effect of lights, led lights on the light color to show artistic lamps and lanterns shows incomparable advantage; Color led bulbs products has covered the entire scale of the visible spectrum, and good monochromaticity, high purity, color combination of red, green and yellow led bulbs make to choose color and gray level has great flexibility. Lamps and lanterns is glowing sculpture, by materials, structure, shape and texture of the structure of the material terms of lamps and lanterns is important to show art technique. Led bulbs skills make the bedroom lamps and lanterns is the organic combination of scientific and artistic better, breaking the traditional lamps and lanterns is the edge of the box, beyond the inherent concept of lamps and lanterns in the shape of a so-called, lamps and lanterns is planning on creative visual feeling and the shape of the art, with a new viewpoint to know, understand and express the theme of the light. Can be more flexibility in the use of optical skills the collocation of bright and dark, light and color combination, the advantage of material, structure, planning, progress planning and degrees of freedom to weaken the function of lighting of lamps and lanterns.

led bulb manufacturer of led bulbs dc drive, no stroboscopic; No ultraviolet and infrared, no radiation pollution, high color rendering and strong light emitting direction; Performance is good, that move light color temperature changes will not happen the visual error; Cold light source, low calorific value, can safely touch; These are the incandescent lamp and fluorescent lamp. It can supply comfortable light space, and can well meet the demand of people's physical health, the light source is to protect eyesight and environmental health. Because only a single led smaller power, low brightness, should not be used alone, and multiple led bulbs together planning become useful the use of led lighting lamps and lanterns has broad prospects. Planner according to the requirements of lighting objects and luminous flux of lamps and lanterns, determines the shape of the optical system of lamps and lanterns, the number of led lights and power of intrusive; Also can be a number of led tube combination planning into a point light, ring light source or surface light source & other The secondary light source & throughout; , according to & other; The secondary light source & throughout; To plan the lamps and lanterns.

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