LED bulbs light waterproof concept and its function

by:Sehon     2020-11-10

LED line light waterproof demand is very simple, is to prevent moisture intrusion, penetration, penetration, inflows or overflow, etc.

the water molecule diameter is about 0. 4 mm, larger than the size of aperture capillary porosity, water through talent. The diameter of the water molecules to slightly larger than the diameter of a gas molecule, gas can through 0. 27 - 0. 39 mm hole.

many wild products are waterproof demand, lines such as LED lamp, LED wash wall lamp, LED guardrail tube, LED point light source, LED project-light lamp, LED outdoor lighting lamps and lanterns, underwater lights, waterproof watches, aquatic products, drive a wheat, etc. , as well as the special industry.

electrical products once into the water, it is possible to produce a short circuit, leakage, corrosion, corrupt, damaged media, interfering signal, and many other problems. So, waterproof generally refers to avoid electrical outside the moisture or water vapor intrusion, soak, into electrical inside.

sealing and waterproofing products two concepts actually is mutually, side key differs only just. Waterproof stress & other; Not allowed to come in & throughout; , avoid the water or steam medium intrusion, penetration, inflows.

more when we want to use the sealing way of thinking, ways to structure, material selection, etc. To ensure long-term effective waterproof products, traditional, classic, mature sealing technology may means to enhance LED outdoor lighting products, waterproof function

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