LED bulbs lighting dimming test solutions

by:Sehon     2020-09-26
( A) Adjustable light dimming test LED lighting LED lighting has been falling fast year by year, the price of LED lighting in gradually, while LED lighting is the most energy-efficient lighting equipment, more energy-saving than incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp, etc, but LED lighting has an important function has yet to give full play to now, that is the dimmer function. Although traditional incandescent bulbs can use dimmers, 双向可控硅) To the light, but now because of the very energy-intensive, many countries has constraint is no longer produced, and while a fluorescent lamp continues to supply, but the LED energy cannot move light; So although now the price of the LED lighting is fluorescent lamp precious, but LED lighting is adjustable, can save more power, it is fluorescent lamp unable to reach. Now there are many instances is over the advantages of LED lighting dimming, although at this stage the number of adjustable light LED lighting appropriate sparse, and relatively high prices, but rapidly throughout, in addition to the price decline and can save more power. For example, indoor lighting, for example, environment of sunny day, cloudy day, rainy day or night time, LED lighting can drop environment changes, and make indoor lighting illumination to maintain a relatively stable level, namely clear vantage, LED lighting can illuminate degree low, LED lighting illuminates the most, the evening on a rainy day and Yin vantage, light degree in middle position of the LED lighting, so in a sunny position so you don't have all LED lighting light output, so it can save power; In addition, there are cases of parking lot, when night empty parking lot, LED lighting keep lower degree of light, when someone in the parking lot, the progress of the LED lighting to illuminate, so then you can save a lot of unnecessary waste of power, can end the ideal of intelligent lighting. Once upon a time in the home room to use the incandescent light bulb use by dimmers, 双向可控硅) Can be used to adjust the brightness of the LED lighting, can be arrived in a given situation, and together to save power. Technique, this paper suggests that LED lighting dimming and supply, which is good for dimming control equipment, can produce or manufacture in developing test and verify, and waited for the adjustable light LED lighting can become more and more all over. LED lighting dimming test solution ( 2) LED lighting dimming function how to end? Shopping products, now there are two major types of LED lighting dimming technology to end the dimming function, the first kind of dimming technology types on the power control, the other type is the LED load control, control the power supply end of the first type contains the traditional use of TRIAC dimmer, or connection to use LED lights switch off time of power supply to the light, can be arrived in 3, 4 or more paragraphs, the benefits of this method is only used switch can light the lamps and lanterns, originally only needs radix dipsaci time control switch. Dimming control is the most direct incandescent light bulb use by analogy type ( 模拟) Dimmers, 双向可控硅) And this dimmers has been in business beyond 20 years, and widely used in a function of the lamps and lanterns that move light on. It is mainly used ac TRIAC cooperation variable resistor, brake fluid to changes in supply to the phase of the ac voltage of the LED lighting, so adjust the variable resistor can change the brightness of the light output. Adjustable light LED lighting inside the driver can detect ac voltage and phase change, and change according to the phase changes of output current through the LED, so you can adjust the brightness of the LED lighting in the function of the dimmer. LED lighting dimming test solution dimmers, 双向可控硅) Modulation voltage and phase for dimming control the second technology is LED load control, mainly controls the size of the current through the LED to the light, can be directly adjusted through the LED current digital (0 ~ 100% or use Digital) Pulse width modulation ( 脉宽调制) Way that move light, it is to use a pulse about hundreds of Hz adjustment changes the pulse width of the pulse wave, from 0% to 100%; Can adjust the uniform electric current through the LED, arrived in the function of the dimmer, a remote control to control the LED load control demand, general control LED dimming control signal can be a driver of 0 ~ 10 v voltage signal to control the LED current of 0 ~ 100% or 0% ~ 100% 100 ~ 1000 Hz PWM pulse width signals, because the human eye response has the phenomenon of persistence of vision, under the modulation of hundreds of Hz, will not feel glare phenomena, like a TV or LCD monitor with brightness, mostly using PWM method to adjust the brightness of the display, its interests besides energy saving can display the color is not affected by the brightness of is one of the most suitable for LED dimming technology. ( 3) Bo meter supply dimming L E D lighting test solution 1. 5302 a ac power can be modelled on the TRIAC dimmers. 2. 3340 g series LED electronic load built-in supply independent blocks of 0 ~ 12 v and the output of the PWM dimming control signal of traditional dimmers, 双向可控硅) Distribution of LED lighting dimming method, of course, can use real dimmer to test and verify, but in the development stage or produce a large number of test validation, emerges the consistency and the demand of the rapid detection of automation. As a result of the traditional dimmer ( 双向可控硅) Demand by the hand of the adjustment knob on the dimmer, the internal resistance of the changes and make the dimmer output phase changes, then this need staff to set and adjust the way is not meeting the needs of rapid automation, so the Po of 5302 a ac power supply the modeled on the function of the dimmer, can echo & from 0 deg. To 180 & deg; Phase changes, in addition to manually adjust the panel can be through the interface controlled by computer, can end automatic inspection and verification requirements.
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